Sunday, March 9, 2014

Life update- March 2014

Life in the village has been so very good. Our biggest challenge is not getting water. We don't have running water in our house but we have a tap just outside. Unfortunately water does not come out of it on a regular basis and they have been having some problems with the pipes meaning we go days without getting water. And often when it does come its around 2am in the morning.

This last week I experienced for the first time being woke up at 3am in order to help carry the 20liter jugs inside the house to fill all our basins and the 50liter drum we have in our kitchen. That was Thursday morning and its now Sunday and the water hasn't come since. I was thankful for the shower I got last night and I used about 5 liters of water. You know its bad when you have to measure how much you use!

Our water source

And school is going fantastic! My roster is up to 20 kids and its amazing how well they are learning my routine and what I expect of them. When we started all they wanted to do was color. Now when I tell them to color they ask if they can write. Here are some pictures of them showing off their awesome work! And here are links to my Facebook page where you can view some videos of the kids and I in the classroom. I love it so very much and it's fun for me to get to share a piece of it with you all. I hope you get a chance to check them out!

Fanisi singing this is the day click here
Working on saying please and thank you click here
The hippo/creation song click here
Head, shoulders knees & toes & the swahili version click here
Their favorite song- This is the day click here
Practicing their shapes click here
Number values click here

working so peacefully

cute smiles... Penina is working and then Sauda and Sumea are smiling

Sumea (front), Edson, Humphrey, Sefu (behind), Faith on the right and Denis asleep laying down :)



Penina and Nyevu


Edson... he was my most difficult one at the beginning... he's now my best student! I love his smile!

Penina and Edson





Humphrey, Monica and Eveline

God has been gracious in giving me a friend here. Because my Kenyan mom has been back home collecting the harvest, Elizabeth has been staying at the house for the last 3 weeks. I thank God for all the time her and I have gotten together, for the deeper conversations we've been able to have, how comfortable I've become visiting her house and just for the sweet spirit she has.  Love her!

Overall I'm doing great. I feel very at home in the village. The bugs are always good company, I've been doing a lot of preparing of meals and a bit more American food as well. My favorite spot is at our backdoor on the ground. I often sit there and cut vegetables for dinner and anytime I call home that's where I sit to talk. :) 

I miss you all back home but the people here are so loving and accepting that I love it here just as much! I'll be back in Nairobi the first couple weeks in April... let me know if you want to skype!

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