Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My first day in Kenya!

It’s officially the end of my first day in Kenya! Words really can’t describe how I’m feeling but I will do my best.

Learner. There is so much change that it would have been helpful if I could wipe my brain clean and start over! Obviously one of the main things I get to learn while I’m here is the Kiswahili language and I was so proud of myself last night on my way home from the airport, my driver and SIM person were talking in Kiswahili and I understood one word, “jioni” which means night! J

One of the other main things that I get to learn while here is the culture. Such things as guards, small streets, and calling a taxi are all things I will get use to. As I was coming home tonight I heard this phrase about the roads in Kenya, “The streets in America are built to last about 20 years, in Britain 10 years, in Kenya…until it rains.” That conversation came up after we had just went through a pothole. Good times!

Adventurous. Over the next few days and weeks to come, there are many new things I will get to do and many new things I will get to experience. But I am so up for the challenge! I will be able to share more about those things as I experience them because all I really know right now is words on a paper. Stories are so much more fun… and therefore here’s one that portrays my day/afternoon today.

This morning I slept in as long as I could, organized my luggage, got settled in and realized I was pooped! I curled back up in my bed and slept for another 2 hours. As my alarm went off I got up, went downstairs to meet one of my roommates, and then went to orientation. I got a few my questions answered (more to come on this later), got a good overview of what is expected of me and just enjoyed good fellowship with my coordinator.

Soon after, a taxi came and picked me up, we stopped and got one other girl and then was dropped off at a missionary home where we played I don’t know how many games of volleyball. It was such great fun and I learned it is a weekly tradition! We played until we couldn’t see the ball any longer, went inside and enjoyed pizza (yes I know the nights not over yet…), salad, worshipped Jesus and shared prayer requests. There was probably close to 20 people there; such a great way to spend my first day!

Full of joy. As I look back on these last several months of praying, trying to picture what Kenya is like, seeing God show up in amazing ways, and then finally stepping off the plane and being here, nothing other than pure joy is in my heart at the moment. I know as I settle in, hard times will come, but how I want to remember my first day is Kenya to help me through those days is the joy I feel because of Jesus. There was no better way I could have asked to spend my first night than surrounded by other believers singing Bless the Lord oh my soul. The pace of life is different, and there are so many more things to get to enjoy, but tonight, I just want to enjoy the sweet presence of my Savior, the one who planned this day before I was even born and knew all the blessings we were going to see together. He is the reason I am here and I’m so thankful He is with me on this journey.

Jesus- Thank you for your presence, for your joy, and for your goodness as I lay my head on my pillow this evening. You are so incredibly good to me and I am blessed to be called a child of God. May you be glorified through me as you use me to complete your work. May I submit to your ways always, may I learn to trust you more, and may many come to know you through these days. In Your precious name I pray, Amen.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Last post in America for awhile...July 2013

Can you believe I am leaving the country in just a few days… it may even be down to hours now! Leaving San Diego was hard, but I was so looking forward to my time in Georgia that it hadn’t quite hit me that I was leaving for Africa. And to be honest, I still don’t think its hit me. Every once in awhile I think about it, the fact that I will soon be back at the airport, praying my luggage weighs in okay, trying not to stress through the security line, and then the patience while on the long plane rides, and I’m reminded that this move is really happening.

However, I am having such a great time here in Georgia and it has been so relaxing. We made a trip to the park and library yesterday, the pool every day and today drove about an hour to a state park that had alligators! I actually spotted one swimming in the little river and we walked down to the bridge to find a few tanning in the grass. Naps have been glorious both days I’ve been here and overall the perfect way to spend my last few days in America. It’s definitely going to be a hard goodbye on Sunday.

And that is just around the corner! In order to spend the most amount of time with them, I’ve decided this is my last post before I get to Kenya. I will most likely blog a bit at each airport to keep track of my emotions and such as I go but I won’t post it until I actually get to Kenya. So… here is my itinerary! I’ve done the time conversions for you so you can be praying, no matter where you are!

Flight info                                San Diego Time                   Kenya Time
Depart @ 12:52pm                 9:52am Sun                            7:52pm Sun

Fly to

New York (2hrs 23min)
Arrive @ 3:15pm                    12:15pm Sun                         10:15pm Sun

Depart @ 7:10pm                    4:10pm Sun                           2:10am Mon

Fly to

London (6hrs 50min)
Arrive @ 7:00am                     11:00pm Sun                         9:00am Mon

Depart @ 10:45am                   2:45am Mon                         12:45pm Mon

Fly to

Nairobi, Kenya (8hrs 35min)
Arrive @ 9:20pm                     11:20am Mon                        9:20pm Mon

Your prayers mean so much! I feel them as I’m calm and relaxed and not sick! Praise the Lord for that one! The weather here is a great transition to what I’m going to; warm, sticky, and a few rain storms have come through (still waiting for thunder and lightening!). I’ve gone 3 hours east from San Diego, so to complete my journey, I only have 7 more to go… I think a good choice over 10hrs all together.

Feel free to email or text me in the next few days! I don’t keep my phone on me but I do check it throughout the day.  My phone will go off once I leave New York for London. I have installed the Viber app on my phone, and as long as I have wireless internet, we can text/talk for free. It still uses my same phone # as I’ve had.

I will soon be up, up, and away! Thanks Rooke's for all the fun memories and taking me in for the week! Love you guys!

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